0x80040e4d login failed for user ssis

How to Fix the "0x80040e4d Login Failed for User SSIS" Error?


Encountering error messages during software usage can be frustrating, especially when it comes to the integration services like SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services). One common error that users may encounter while working with SSIS is the "0x80040e4d Login Failed for User SSIS" error. In this article, we will explore the causes behind this error and provide you with a comprehensive guide to fix it effectively.

Understanding the "0x80040e4d Login Failed for User SSIS" Error

  1. Cause of the Error:
  • This error usually occurs when there is an authentication problem within the SSIS package being executed.
  • It indicates that the login credentials provided for data access by the SSIS package are incorrect or not properly set up.
  1. Common Scenarios:
  • The error can occur when connecting to a remote SQL Server or when accessing data from a different domain.
  • It might also appear when executing SSIS packages that use sensitive information, such as a username and password, for authentication purposes.

Solutions to Fix the "0x80040e4d Login Failed for User SSIS" Error

  1. Verify the Login Credentials:
  • Double-check the login credentials used within the SSIS package, including the username and password.
  • Ensure that the provided credentials are correct and have the necessary permissions to access the desired data source.
  1. Use Windows Authentication:
  • If you are not using Windows Authentication and are providing SQL Server Authentication credentials within your SSIS package, consider switching to Windows Authentication.
  • Windows Authentication utilizes the current Windows user's login credentials, eliminating the need to store sensitive information within the package itself.
  1. Manage Package Protection Level:
  • Check your SSIS package's ProtectionLevel property. If it is set to "EncryptSensitiveWithUserKey" or "EncryptAllWithUserKey," try changing it to "EncryptSensitiveWithPassword" or "EncryptAllWithPassword."
  • When using the "WithUserKey" option, the package is encrypted using the user account which created it, leading to login failures for other users accessing the package.
  1. Set DelayValidation Property:
  • Within your SSIS package, some data sources may require additional time to initialize or authenticate.
  • Set the DelayValidation property of the package to "True" for the Data Flow task and any other components causing the error.
  • By doing this, the package will delay the validation process until the actual execution, allowing enough time for data sources to authenticate.
  1. Grant Sufficient Permissions:
  • Ensure that the user account executing the SSIS package has the necessary permissions to access the data sources and perform the desired operations.
  • Grant appropriate read and write permissions to the user account to avoid login failures due to insufficient privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Why am I encountering the "0x80040e4d Login Failed for User SSIS" error during package execution?
  • A: This error typically arises when there is an issue with the authentication credentials provided within the SSIS package, causing login failures while trying to access data sources.
  1. Q: How can I switch to Windows Authentication in SSIS to avoid login failures?
  • A: To switch to Windows Authentication, modify the connection manager properties within your SSIS package and choose "Windows Authentication" instead of "SQL Server Authentication" for data access.
  1. Q: What does the "DelayValidation" property do, and how can it help resolve the error?
  • A: The "DelayValidation" property postpones the validation of data connections until the package execution. Setting it to "True" allows data sources to authenticate successfully, avoiding login failures.


Encountering the "0x80040e4d Login Failed for User SSIS" error can hinder the execution of SQL Server Integration Services packages. However, armed with the knowledge provided in this article, you can now confidently resolve this error by verifying login credentials, using appropriate authentication methods, managing package protection levels, setting the DelayValidation property, and ensuring sufficient permissions. Remember to pay attention to these factors to avoid further authentication issues and successfully execute your SSIS packages without any login failure interruptions.

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Check the config table if the password is stored correctly. If you generate the data using the wizard in BIDS it stores the password as ***** instead of the actual password.

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The reason SSIS does this is so that the password isn't floating around where someone else could get it. So when you type in the password and hit the button "test connection" it all works fine. But when you run in debug mode (or in production) you don't have a password. Therefore of course the login fails. This is why you need a ...

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Source:\"Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0" Hresult: 0x80040E4D Description: "Login failed for user 'sa' I fount the password in that config file was set to blank. I don't know if it never saves the password in the config or if there is some "save password" checkbox when creating it.

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In the second dialog box make sure that the option "With SQL Server authentication with login ID and password entered by the user" is selected. Enter the SQL user name in the Login field. In the Password field enter the SQL user's password (default for WUG would be'sa' user and the password for'WhatsUp_Gold') then click Next.

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